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Equipment Reservation

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to realize when making a reservation for a group that not all of the members in your group are going to review the following rules ahead of time. Since we do not know who the members of your group are, it is impossible for us to relay the rules to them ahead of time. To have a smooth and successful event it is you who must relay the following information to your group members.

Q: What are the age restrictions?
A:The minimum age to play is 10 years old. Anyone under 18 must have a Waiver signed by their PARENT / LEGAL GUARDIAN. If the minor’s last name differs from that of his/her parent, we will need to know why. We do not accept verbal permission to include speaking to the PARENT / LEGAL GUARDIAN over the phone. For insurance purposes the adult signing cannot be anyone who assumes that they are the LEGAL GUARDIAN merely because of their position or relation to the child. For example, the adult may not sign for the child just because they are the child's coach, youth pastor, mentor, etc. In addition, the adult may not sign for the child just because they are the child's brother, Aunt, Grandfather, etc. To sign as a LEGAL GUARDIAN you must present proof in the form of current/updated legal documentation from a court of law or a foster care provider. We have explained this rule explicitly to avoid ambiguity and to protect everyone.

Q: When should I arrive to play?
A: All the members of your group should arrive early or on time. We conduct an extensive safety briefing at the beginning of each session. If a player misses this mandatory safety briefing we will make arrangements for that player to hear another one. However, it is important to understand that because of that player's lateness they may miss a few games. We do not hold up the entire group because of a few players who were late that missed the safety briefing.

Q: Can I bring my own paintballs if I have my own equipment?
A: No. We are field paint only. We do not allow any paintballs to be fired that were purchased at any other store or field.

Q: Can I bring beer?
A: No. At Xtreme Paintball we enforce a family friendly atmosphere at all times. Alcohol is not allowed on the property.

Q: Can I bring my dog if he is on a leash?
A: No. We are avid dog lovers...but no animals, leashed or unleashed, are allowed on the property.

Q: Can I bring real firearms/weapons if I am licensed and I leave them in my vehicle?
A: No. Only Law Enforcement personnel are permitted to posses weapons on the property. If you do not agree with this rule then do not enter the property.

Q: If I do not shoot all of the paintballs that I buy can I return the excess?
A: No. Paintballs are temperature and humidity sensitive. Because the area where the paintballs are stored after purchase is susceptible to both elements, we do not accept returns on paintballs.

Q: Can we play smaller teams like 2 on 2?
A: Because our fields are so large we require a minimum of 10 players to begin any game. If you have a small number of players in your group we strongly urge you to call us before coming to confirm that there will be players here when you arrive.

Q: Does getting hit with a paintball hurt?
A: Yes.

Q: What should I wear to play in?
A: A baseball cap, pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and outdoor footwear. Try to avoid sweatshirts and beanies/skull caps as you might overheat quickly while playing.  

Q: Will the paint wash out of my clothing?
A: Yes…as long as you wash it in cold water that evening.

Q: Can my group rent a field?
A: That is not how we run the field. We are primarily a recreational style field that welcomes all players. When people arrive we assimilate them into the entire group and play big games on big fields. If what you want is a private can be arranged at an additional cost.

Q: How many paintballs will my group shoot?
A: It really depends on the aggressiveness of the player, how many games you play, and how in shape you are.

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